You guys need to check out my homie Tyler here.  I thought the dude was cool when I met him working at Sagebrush last year because he played guitar and fixed my Epiphone Les Paul for me.  So cool that I’ve invited him to come play sometime when I get my home studio built.  After watching his latest video, though, I’m a little afraid to invite him over, as I’ll be super embarrassed by my strumming-only acoustic style and punk rock laden electric style.  Oh well, we may still be able to knock something out super cool, ya never know.  One of my heroes, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment says, it doesn’t matter if what you make is the best you’ve ever seen or heard or if it’s a big flaming pile of shit, what matters is that you’re making something.  Ah, there’s  hope for me yet!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

So, today’s Pi Day
And how will I celebrate?
I’m not doing shit!

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