So tonight we hit up a double feature at the movie theater in Oak Ridge.  Show 1, Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island” starring the extremely overrated Leonardo DiCaprio.  I had read on Bloody-Disgusting that it was a creepy and somewhat disturbing film because the main subject matter are patients at a very dangerous mental hospital, but that it really didn’t have any scare factor.  Once again, Bloody Disgusting and I are on the same level.  No spoilers here, but I will say that if mental hospitals give you the creeps, which they certainly do me, you will be slightly disturbed throughout the film, just never really -scared-.  Buildup was fantastic, characters were not bad, and although the ending wasn’t entirely predictable, you’ll probably have somewhat of an idea of what’s happening by the end.  To me, there was juuuuuust enough twist to throw me off and leave me thinking after the final lines are spoken.  Definitely go see it, though.  Also, Erin would be mad if I didn’t mention how she won $5.00 in a bet that Jackie Earle Haley was in this film, as I didn’t believe that it was and didn’t even believe that was his name.  Go figure.

Feature number 2 was Breck Eisner’s remake of a horror legend’s 1973 classic, George Romero’s “The Crazies.”  Starring Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell among others, all I’ve never heard of, the remake was violent, suspenseful and just enough cheese to make it fantastic.  The “Crazy” characters are about as creepy as could be and there were several instances of ridiculousness that are just believable enough if you’re a fan of Romero and B-movie type horror.  No boobs and no gore didn’t really subtract any quality from this film, I felt.  There was something going on in every scene that made you laugh, cringe or simply put:  be scared by.  Like it or not, the Crazies is a pretty scary movie.  The one fault I found was the purpose for the people going “crazy” was a bit hazy and didn’t make much sense until later in the film, but then again, if you like Romero and b horror, you’ll appreciate the vagueness and far fetchedness (is that a word?)  Check it out, most def.

Enjoy today’s Haiku:

The Crazies Remake
Made me feel like I had watched
A “Scary” movie!

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