After a hard week in California, I was looking forward to a weekend of relaxation.  We did that a little yesterday, mixed with a half a day of travel and shopping, dinner eating and such.  The entire season 3 of the Office was watched and today consisted of church, lunch and veg for the remainder of the day.

Well, we did go out for dinner, which was just okay, but overall I was a happy guy.  I was looking forward to playing some video games with my wife upon returning home, doing some reading, writing this blog, researching colored guitar strings and Mark Ryden prints.  But, in just a moment, my day turned upside down, as the impossible became the extremely possible.

A bird pooped inside my car.  Partially, I blame Erin for standing with my passenger door open for so long.  She laughed, I wondered why, I walked over to her…She said she heard a “plop” and lo and behold, a tiny, dime sized wad of fresh, white bird dump lay spread apart inside my door.  I looked up to curse the bird, but, of course, it was long gone by then.

I then threatened to cut all of our trees down, but that’s not happening.  Let this be a lesson to you all:  When opportunity comes knocking, don’t leave the door open too long, else a bird will shit inside your car.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Tomorrow’s Monday
Working at the office now
No traffic though, y0!

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