I’m feeling a bit defeated as it’s now 10:23 pm and I’ve been staring at the blank space in the post section of today’s blog since 10:00.  Thinking about what to write about.  And while I’m not blank, I still feel I have nothing to write about.  But there will be things to come.  Such as:

1) The tattoo I’m getting on Saturday
2) How I’m dealing with jealousy
3) A certain sermon series that we’ve caught most of this past month and my thoughts and reactions to it.
4) Some new graphics from the documentary I’m working on.
5) Some possible excerpts from the screenplay I haven’t started.

But until then, here’s a picture of the brain jello Erin made for us tonight with that mold we bought at AdventureCon last month.

Jello Brain
(click to enlarge)

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Munching down on brains
The interesting thing is:
Goes down like Jello

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