Wow, I just paid all of our current bills 2 days before payday.  I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened before.  Not in my life at least.

Life certainly is good.

The bedroom is painted, minus a few touch ups and cover ups where tape wasn’t enough to protect the trim from the shaky Simpson hands.  I intended to take photos of the entire process, but will probably just wait until we get the rest of the bedroom suit taken care of.  That baby will get here a week from today.  1 more week of sleeping on the mattress in the floor.  One more week of 16 year old bed frame in the basement.  Well, due to the paint, it looks like E and I will be cramped in the spare bedroom bed.  Thank God it will only be for a night or two.

Lots to do at the house this week, but this weekend marks the next step in my ska half sleeve.  I’ll be posting a story behind it all and photos as the time gets closer.  Look for it either Sunday or Monday.

I wanted to paint my dog today but thought better of it.

She hates me.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

The Paragraph Break
I have fallen guilty of
Using it too much

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