Friday Fitness Finds 4/28

Workouts for my clients and myself are built, next week’s meal plan has been made and the grocery list has been put together — time to share this week’s fitness finds! I decided to make this fitness finds instead of reads because reads was limiting me to only stuff you can…read. And I didn’t get anything new this week that I felt was worth sharing with a few exceptions you’ll see below.

There Goes My Hero from Erin (That’s MY girl!)
I recently talked about Erin’s first 5K but the very next week she ran her second. Y’all, I can’t begin to tell you how friggin’ proud I am. I can tell you how well she did and what her struggles were, but you’d be better off hearing it straight from her mouth.

How to Build a Homemade Boxing Ring from HubPages by Buster Johnson
I don’t have a place to build a ring, really, but I do work for a small boxing gym that would benefit from one. Legit boxing rings are expensive and way out of our budget currently, but this site shows a pretty handy way of making a usable boxing ring to train in for less than $500. I mean, I’m still not going to make one (unless they ask me to) but it’s rad that someone has figured out how to do it.

Recap: Flatliner Series from Run Fast or Faster
Brittany is a runner I’ve followed ever since turning the content of this blog over to my running experiences and I’ve always appreciated her approach to the sport. She’s way faster than me — probably faster than most of us — but that’s not what she’s about. She’s a great example of someone that’s just out trying to better themselves little bits at a time. “Fast,” is subjective and we can all stand to push ourselves toward our subjective opinion of what better may be to us.

Coach Anthony on YouTube
I found this guy just this week. As a boxing trainer, it’s pretty great to find another trainer that can explain his processes a bit better than others. I’m always looking for clearer ways of explaining certain things or drills to do to make my members better at what they do, and Coach Anthony seems to be a pretty solid resource for that kind fo information.

Fully Stuffed Tri Tip from The Tri Tip Guy
This weekend one of my missions is to find a sexy pork belly for me to smoke and turn into bacon. Thanks to this recipe, I’m now also looking for a good-looking tri tip steak so I can make this. It isn’t 100% perfectly paleo but I think I can modify a little bit to make it work. Or just suck it up and make it straight up. I’m a machine.

I figured I’d also go ahead and share some new jams worth lifting heavy to. This week I found out about a band called Beastmaker who fall mostly into the psychedelic doom metal category. I found out about them after seeing Johanna Sadonis, lead vocalist from fellow doom metalers Lucifer, was doing guest vocals on their upcoming LP Inside the Skull. Heavy shit! Can’t wait to hear the new tunes. Until then, jam this and then go pick up something heavy:


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