My Current Program + Race Announcements

Much like Friday’s post, this is something new that will eventually make its way onto the new site whenever that happens.

Back when I worked for Elixir we started a show with two innovative downtown Kingsport business owners. One had a background in robotics and opened a fully automated ice cream shop where your ice cream order would be mixed and assembled by a robot before your very eyes; the other was a funny and friendly gentleman that magically showed up in downtown one afternoon with a hot dog cart that eventually turned into the busiest brick-and-mortar restaurant during lunch hour. The idea was to discuss the revitalization of downtown Kingsport, what other downtown districts were doing around the country and to have guests from developers and contractors to chamber of commerce representatives.

We set up in the hot dog restaurant with the New York City skyline in the background a la David Letterman. While we were setting up, the two hosts chattered about the show’s concept between constant giggling about how funny the show was going to be. The original plan was to set up a voyeuristic scene where the hosts didn’t know the camera was rolling and capturing their hilarious discussion about what the show should be called, therefore setting the light-hearted tone for the remainder of the episode.

I’m in a similar spot with this post. I want a cool name for these Monday what I’m doing posts but I don’t have anything yet. Suggestions are welcome. I like alliteration.

The Races:

Before I get on with my current program, I’ll go ahead and announce my registration for three upcoming races. While at the Covenant Health Running Expo a couple of weeks ago picking up our packets for Erin’s first 5K, I came across a booth for The Goose Chase, a group that organizes races in Johnson City — basically the back yard of my old stomping grounds and the city where I received my strange college education. What got my attention was their giant sign advertising a half-marathon. I’ve ran in the Tri-Cities a few times while visiting folks but have never done any SERIOUS running out there. The idea of having a race there was too good to pass up. They also had two other races I could see myself being interested in.

So I signed up…for all three.

This trifecta of pain begins September 24th with the Bluegrass Half Marathon at Founder’s Park. This will be my second half and I already have my training plan made — that starts on June 6. Expect to hear more about that as it comes around.

A few weeks later on October 14th I’m doing something called Goliath at the Gorge at Doe River Gorge. I’ve opted for the 10K trail because I hate my life and can’t wait to see if I have what it takes to take down Goliath. This mud/obstacle race will include the typical mud pits but reportedly also includes carrying a 20lbs log up the side of a mountain, an archery obstacle and the acquisition and use of a slingshot.

Finally, on November 4, Erin and I are both doing the S’mores Run starting at Tweetsie trail head and ending at the Smokehouse BBQ restaurant where we’ll be served a s’mores buffet with fire pits. This is a 3.5 mile trail race because, I mean, why not? Also, happy birthday Erin!

Again, training for the half begins in June and I intend to make regular reports much like I did last time. Hopefully on a shiny new site.

My Current Program:

Last week tried to throw a wrench in my plan since I took a long weekend to spend extra time with my mom in Kingsport. I got some much-needed rest while in town but I still got in a 5-mile run through downtown on Easter Sunday. I came back to have class at Title Boxing Club on Wednesday morning.

I didn’t work out on Thursday because I intended to check out Knoxville Martial Arts Center’s Muay Thai program after work. When I walked in I was greeted by a man who thought I was from outer space. He told me the gym hadn’t offered Muay Thai in months despite it being on their website and “current” schedule. This turned my day into a grouch fest rest day. I grilled steaks, potatoes, crab cakes, bell peppers and naan to take out my frustrations.

On Friday I took class at Title and then took a 2 mile run in the pouring rain. We returned to the gym Friday after work where I got in my upper-body day that I’ll detail more in a minute. I taught a pretty intense kickboxing class on Saturday morning, then an equally intense boxing class Sunday afternoon. Also on Sunday: heavy legs day and meal prep. In a word, I was tired last night. Way tired.

Nevertheless, I was back teaching boxing this morning, though I was admittedly running at only 50%. I have boxing on Saturday morning and again on Sunday afternoon this week.

My running goal this week is 5 miles at minimum.

The main star of these posts is going to be what I’m primarily focusing on and at the moment it’s adhering to a strict lifting program. I’m right in the middle of a 3-month program utilizing an upper-lower split that looks like this (note: I’m starting a new pull-up program this week, hence why they’re scattered throughout.):

Upper Body Day:
Weight: 85%
Sets: 3
Reps: 8

  • Warmup: Stationary Bike, 10 minutes, “pyramid” style between levels 2 and 6; one set max pull-ups, then stretch
  • Negative pull-ups, max
  • Superset 1: Biceps Curls, EZ-Curl Bar; Triceps Curls, EZ-Curl Bar
  • Negative pull-ups, max
  • Superset 2: Bench Press, Olympic Barbell; Barbell Row, Small Olympic Barbell
  • negative Pull-ups, max
  • Superset 3: Shoulder Press, Olympic Barbell; Lat Pulldowns, Cable machine
  • negative pull-ups, max
  • 3 Minute Shoulder Burn-Out
  • Cooldown: Stationary Bike, 5 minutes, “countdown” style levels 6-2 then stretch

Lower Body Day:
Weight: 85%
Sets: 3
Reps: 8

  • Warmup: Stationary Bike, 10 minutes, “pyramid” style between levels 2 and 6; one set max pull-ups, then stretch
  • Pull ups, max
  • Superset 1: Barbell Squats, Olympic Barbell; 30s Squat Jumps, bodyweight
  • Negative Pull-ups, max
  • Superset 2: Deadlift, Hex/Trap Bar; 30s Hamstring Curls, TRX Band
  • Pull-Ups, Max
  • Superset 3: Calf-raises, Smith Machine; 1 Minute Jump Rope
  • Negative Pull-ups, Max
  • Cooldown: Stationary Bike, 5 minutes, “countdown” style levels 6-2 then stretch

If the program changes, I’ll post the update, otherwise each week I’ll include the percentage change, the sets and the reps. Eventually I’ll post the entire program’s percentages and reps.

And hopefully photos.

And hopefully hopefully videos.

In the end, robot man mentioned the voyeur gag in his opening monologue, therefore it wasn’t a gag anymore and the footage was never used. There was still a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode saying that the show was yet untitled. By the time we were editing, the joke was already lost and I don’t know why we even made the disclaimer. Robotic innovation man came across as arrogant and condescending while hot dog man clammed up when the cameras were rolling and when he did speak it was nearly inaudible because he wasn’t properly mic’d.

The show aired for one episode and both businesses closed not long after. Hopefully this personal trainer thing, the new site and identity won’t meet the same fate. Also, hopefully I won’t come across as arrogant and condescending, run out of things to say or not be properly mic’d-up.

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