Haven’t done this in a while, so for tonight’s post, I’ll give you the top 20 search terms used to find my blog and the number of views I’ve gotten from the results:

chatroulette girls (3,748)
chat roulette girls (689)
funny chatroulette pictures (302)
chatroulette porn (222)
chatroulette funny (217)
chat roulette (130)
lily munster (128)
funny chatroulette (85)
funny chat roulette (85)
chat roulette pics (73)
chatroulette girl (57)
chatroulette penis (44)
chatroulette (38)
girls on chatroulette (37)
chatroulette gif (26)
chat roulette funny (25)
chatroulette funny pics (23)
girls of chatroulette (22)
chatroulette guys (22)

This continues on for a long time. I think I know what to blog about from now on.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Today I rocked out
A terribly large amount
Of Christian Metal

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