Pushing 10 hours later and my newest OneWord entry is still listed as “awaiting moderation.” I do not recall OneWord telling me this ever before, which tells me something I’ve written has caused it to be immediately flagged, like it’s some kind of spam or something. I’ll have to admit that there is a tad bit of language in it, but seriously, I’ve posted to OneWord nearly 30 times, each consisting of violence, death, sex, domestic abuse, substance abuse, incest, homosexuality, 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree murder…And everything is cool…So to think that my post is being moderated because of “fucker” nearly has me fuming. If the status hasn’t changed by post time tomorrow, I will take my question to the community on the site. If it gets removed, hell will be raised. If they leave it. It’s left, and we’ll get on with another day of posting.

Portions of OneWord have left a bad taste in my mouth, however. I didn’t mind setting up a “public profile” with my avatar and some very, very basic profile information (nothing concrete or revealing about my personal life) and have it set to not even show my real name (it’s listed only as JustinTFirefly). No, the profile was not an issue, however, some people think that this will be the next Facebook apparently, as they’ve started creating groups and inviting me to them, while trying to see who can get the most “fans” or “followers” or “likes” or whatever else OneWord has developed to include the best portions of Facebook, Twitter and your average message board.

I also think that the majority of writers on OneWord have no talent. True, a lot of people would be turned off from my style of writing, but when the word is “Gift” and people write “He received a gift for his birthday,” I’m really not even sure why you’re even there or pretending to try. Ultra. Mega. Lame.

More updates as the story develops.

Erin told me tonight that living with me was sometimes like “living with the loudest clown.” So I’ll share this:

When I lived at home

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I hate censorship
I do not need to be told
What my art can say

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