Update on my OneWord issue:

Post time came around today and I posted with no issues. Another horrifying and more than likely somewhat offensive post that glorified gratuitous sex, violence, gore and bodily fluids and an often times extremely exploitative manor. The difference? Today, my post is not “awaiting moderation.” With this in mind, I posted my issue in the community section hoping someone has had a similar issue as me and could shine some light on my problem. It has now been several hours later and all I’ve gotten a response from a person with the screen name “Someone You Don’t Wanna Know” that said they have used bad language and have never gotten said message, and one person who decided they’d show their appreciation for a previous post of mine. With that said, if this hasn’t been resolved by post time tomorrow, I’m just going to assume everything is under control. No news is good news, I suppose.

A super cool (and often creepy) thing about our house is the tremendous number of spiders who live around us (and occasionally in sight indoors, but not with the regularity they once enjoyed). About every day I’m stepping on one, swatting one or hitting one with Raid. They are some of the creepiest of insects and come in more varieties than my ex-girlfriends. The webs they spin are often beautiful (and almost always destroyed by either Erin or I) and their victims lie, lifeless and motionless as they await the coming days of feeding. Sitting here in the office with the blinds open, by the light of the front porch light, I just witnessed a flying insect of some sort flying into a thick web made just outside the window. Struggling, the flier finally broke free after destroying 1/4 of the web. But that web will be back tomorrow, better and stronger and probably with a new inhabitant.

Today is post number 200 by the way. 165 more posts and I will have stuck to my guns for the full year. Boring people with my mindless rants and my talentless attempts at poetry, videos, photography and fiction. What will I do for my 365th blog? Probably…Nothing.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

For blog two-hundred
I think I’ll celebrate by
Going to bed now

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