I’m gathering some ideas for some more future projects to include in the blog. More on that as the time comes.

Before I announce today’s blog, I’ll do yet another follow up and say that by post time today, my post from the other day is still “Awaiting Moderation.” No other responses have been made in the community. The post in question was for July 21. Read on, oh fine people.

One Word Log for this week (again, daily word will be in bold):

07/17 Bronze
Covered in bronze now, I watched my new coin fall between my fingers and land onto the ground next to the pile of dirt that had gathered around my feet. I had planned on flipping it into the open grave in my back yard to teach my old man that gambling wasn’t his real problem.

07/18 Lense
I looked through the lens and was horrified by what I saw. The woman that I had been watching for years now, in the building across from mine on the strip in New York, was being held down. Her panties were stuffed in her mouth and she was bleeding down her back. He beat me to her.

07/19 Commit
This wouldn’t have happened to you had you taken the proper training you were supposed to undergo before this mission! Jesus, man, you almost got yourself killed! I swear to you, the next time you go out with me to disembody someone, you had better be committed to the cause!

07/20 Vase
The vase fell onto the floor. Crashing. My temples felt as though they were going to explode. All I could hear was my mother: “Oh, you’re never going to make it,” “Oh, get a job,” and “Oh, put the gun away, son!”

07/21 Gift
Motherfucker, I do not feel like writing. I have been given the gift of laziness today and I blame YouTube, iTunes and NBA Jam. Must work tomorrow. No good fiction today.

07/22 Driven
The police noticed how carefully I wrapped the guitar string around the throat of the young girl. She swung back and forth in my basement, hung up by the low e. What they didn’t notice were the bridge pins that I had driven into the back of her skull!

07/23 Sudden
It was fantastic! The feeling I got when I slid the fine piece of red plastic down over my face, much like a visor. The sudden burst of blood that slammed up against it was invigorating. Such an incredible rush. She was gone. Forever.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Less than one hour
Remains until I can go
Home to my two girls!

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