5 months after moving into the new house and the studio has finally taken on its first project…Though, I can’t really tell what it is because certain people read my blog, and this project will ultimately end in a gift for said person. It’s pretty dope in here right now though. Even though I’ve had to drag out Erin’s HP Laptop (Let me go on the record and state that I have yet to enforce the “No PCs” rule in this house yet…I’m going to wait until I buy Erin a Macbook Pro before I do this…Anyway…

Screenplay update: This weekend did not go the way it was supposed to. No excuses, it just didn’t happen. We did, however, get through a second read through (first of the second draft) and have marked up several pages. Although a portion needed to be cut because I wrote an extra scene that rendered it monotonous, it was still a tad bit heart breaking to see a big nasty “X” drawn over a large portion of my second draft. Either way, we live and we learn…and we write better things in the future.

Erin’s still not a fan of my ending, which if you read the short fiction that this script was adapted from, you’d know that the ending matches perfectly…Though a lot of people didn’t like the ending of that one either. I think that means we’re onto something. She said she didn’t like the ending because she didn’t like the character it involved and that was a great compliment as one really shouldn’t like that character. Can we say “character development?” So score 1 (at least) for Mr. Simpson. We’ll call it a win, then work on tweaking and repairing tomorrow. I really need to get this baby going, it’s seriously about to get down to the line.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Marci and Lucille
How I love thee oh, so much
Trudy hates you both

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