I sit in the studio, continuing to work on the gift mentioned in a previous post. I’m cooling off, as it’s still quite muggy outside and we just got back from the grocery store. I’ve been made painfully aware that only a real man puts clothes in the dryer, a new load in the washer, starts the washer, then leaves to go to the grocery store without turning the dryer on…Then returns home and wonders why the clothes aren’t dry. And tonight, I am a real man.

Speaking of real man, I want to announce the beginning of the push up challenge. Men’s Health magazine released a list today of “10 Standards to Assess Your Fitness Level.” Without access to a gym or basketball goal, I unfortunately cannot do over half of them, but I can take the push up challenge. The goal is to be able to do 40 consecutive push ups without stopping. One begins by doing as many push ups as one can do at once, giving you your initial assessment. According to Men’s Health, if you cannot do 25 push ups, you’re weak. I came in with 17 today, which was actually about 5 more than I’ve ever done at once, and about 14 more than I could do this time last year. To reach the goal of 40 push ups, every four days you take half of the original number (in my case, I’m using the number 16, so 8) and doing however many sets of that many that it will take to equal 40 push ups every four days. What this means is on Friday, I will be doing 5 sets of 8 push ups with 60 seconds of rest between each set. In four more days, I will again, do 5 sets of 8 push ups, with 55 seconds of rest. This continues every four days, each time subtracting another 5 seconds from the rest time. Supposedly after 12 workouts you should be able to do your total of 40 push ups at once. I think 17 is a pretty good start for me, so let’s see where we go from there!

Finally, an update on the screenplay…What screenplay? I’m finished! I made the final alterations and tweaks to it that needed to be made, filled out the necessary paperwork, dropped the envelope in the mail, paid my entry fees and registered my script with the Writers Guild of America. The next step is to wait for them to contact me to tell me they received my paperwork, at which time I will email them the .pdf of my award winning screenplay. The day they contact me for my screenplay will be the last day I talk about it until October 1, when they announce the finalists. Here’s to hoping I’m one of them!

Enjoy this:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I’m a Mac guy, and
despite WMV
I Must Use PC

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