It’s been one of those days.

Without thinking or even having to start myself up I begin my days with a positive attitude and a click of the heels in mid air. It’s metaphor. It’s just an illusion, don’t see through the smoke, it’s my desire. It makes one seem deep and intellectual if you speak in illusions, illustrations and implausible accusations against those who you fear or are jealous of. We fear that which we cannot see and our source for vision is flawed, fixed, filtered and false.

Stay tuned because here’s a direct quote from an email I sent earlier today: “The only things I’m intolerant of are radio rock and hate, and the conversation on our end of the table was very much like Nickleback playing a song glorifying Sarah Palin that would bring a tear to the eye of Lee Greenwood” and I meant it. If you don’t mean what you say then don’t say it, it’s really that simple but it isn’t the American way.

America, the land of the free and the home of the brainless. Right wingers are fueled off of hate in the name of a God they know nothing about but claim to sponsor. Left wingers, though often misunderstood, throw just as many rocks, bricks, severed heads and verbal attacks as anyone else and both claim to get their news from reputable sources when in reality they’re all being told long, drawn out and boring works of fiction and HOW DARE YOU say that my light and salvation are made up stories, fairy tales of sorts, when your life on this pitiful planet is a fantasy world created by a mind that lacks the ability to process a complex thought.

As long as you are fueled by your hate, others will be fueled by their hate and will launch the attacks on you that you speak harsh words against but you secretly are welcoming and are, in fact, hoping for. But what kind of Godly person would I be to sit here and tell you what you’ve done wrong without admitting any of my faults aside from a Christian? I hate the hate and I often hate the hater, one of many faults that I have. I can say that the reason is because I’ve been raised this way, nurtured by a country who is obsessed with hatred of other cultures while claiming to support them, but the reality of it is for 25 years I’ve allowed it to happen. For 25 years I’ve done nothing about it and I don’t see it changing in the foreseeable future, even though I’m aware of that particular fault, painfully aware, in fact.

I am not of this world and I was never meant to be a part of it and neither were you, but you’re going to continue being a part of this world. You’re going to keep watching your TV, gossiping about your American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance while the world burns down around you, and rightly so, it isn’t your battle afterall. This is the reason I love radio rock, cable television, the news and big-budgeted Hollywood cinema just as much as I hate it because it makes what I do even more satisfying, personal and meaningful.

I’m not of this world. Lose your mind because nothing matters anymore.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Well, it’s about time
My steak was cooked correctly
Nearly raw, like me

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