And so ends the month of September. As we look into the coming month, we need to look back to all of our ancestors who did something terrifying during the month of October in the days leading up to Halloween. I have friends who are going to do something “horror” every day of the month until Halloween, watching horror films every night and going to a haunted attraction on the weekends. While I haven’t decided how I’m going to celebrate the days leading up to the greatest holiday of the year, I know there will be a lot of scary music, scary movies, scary tutorials and scary prop making. We’re excited to have a full house to decorate for Halloween, though that doesn’t exactly mean we can afford to fully decorate the whole thing, but ya gotta start somewhere! Did I mention that I hear if I placed in the screenplay contest….TOMORROW? October 1, boils and ghouls. It’s a great day for many reasons. Gotta love it. And I do.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

If DiskWarrior
Did what it was supposed to
My files would exist

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