Sometimes I worry that I may not get to write my blog on a particular day, and on days like yesterday, filled with family visiting and seeing my grandmother in the hospital, I’m just way too tired to get down on a blog. The morning after, like this morning, I get upset with myself and am suddenly in fear that someone is going to call me out or say that I failed my goal of writing 1 haiku per day.

Then I remind myself that this blog isn’t intended for readers, but for myself. I’ve successfully posted to this blog 260+ consecutive days, and if I miss one here or there, what’s the big deal? The only people who come read this aside from my regulars are people searching for “Chat Roulette Porn.” And that post was like…forever ago.

Enjoy today’s haiku, a day late

There’s not much better
Than finding cookies in the
Kitchen’s cookie jar!

**EDIT — I just checked my numbers, and it’s 270+ consecutive days

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