So Erin and I went to see Jars of Clay tonight. I’ll admit that while I’m familiar with the name, the only song of theirs that I knew prior to this event was “Flood.” Not a bad song, but as I pointed out to a wife who wasn’t happy with my review of the concert, Jars of Clay are mostly just okay to me. Growing up, I was never into “Christian” music, mostly because at the time I thought if it was Christian it had to either be gospel choir type stuff or bluegrass. A pretty shallow view, I realize, but it’s all I had at the time. When I got into middle school, I made an attempt to get into Christian music when I learned of “contemporary Christian” and was turned away because almost all of the bands I listened to really lacked anything original and they all had that Jars of Clay sound. All I walked away with was the Newsboys and MXPX, a band I didn’t even know was Christian until years after I was introduced to punk. Years later and I’m now a fan of a lot of Christian music, but I’m very picky and selective about what I’m hearing. For lack of better term, I really need a band that has balls and doesn’t sound like something you would hear on the radio. The few exceptions to this rule are the Newsboys, DC Talk, NEEDTOBREATHE and Casting Crowns, and even then I’m pretty selective on the choices just within those few bands.

Different bands and different sounds move different people. Music moves me like nothing else and is the greatest way I know how to give praise and be filled with joy, reminded that the Holy Spirit resides within me.

Some of the more tame selections first:

Jars of Clay “Flood”

NEEDTOBREATHE “Something Beautiful”

Newsboys “The Breakfast Song”

Casting Crowns “Until The Whole World Hears”

And now the stuff with “balls”:

Showbread “Nothing Matters Anymore”

The Chariot “Daggers”

Underoath “Writing On the Walls”

Emory “Walls”

Norma Jean “Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste”

Enjoy today’s haiku:

It’s now time to say
Nighty night to all of the
terrible children

One comment

  1. Jars of Clay’s best album is the one that Flood is on. For me that was their peak. I saw them in concert several years ago, and was struck by 1) how nice and laid back they seemed 2) how much people’s perceptions vary.

    The audience was full of mostly senior citizens. A lot of them keep leaving as the concert progressed. I’m not sure if they thought they were “too rowdy” of a group, or if they just couldn’t take the volume of the music. The guys have definitely cranked up the speakers! But seriously their music is pretty mellow and tame. Anyway the lead singer was talking as one couple got up to leave, the woman covering her ears. He stopped and let them pass by the speaker before continuing. He said, “Just a minute, I want to let them get by before I start talking (thereby making loud sound) again.” A few people booed and he just laughed and calmed them down by saying, “Hey it’s cool they made it a lot longer than my grandparents did! I’m pretty sure when we first got the band together, they were so excited, but I don’t think they even made it though the first song.” Definitely a great way to handle the situation, when he could have been a jerk because people kept leaving and the crowd was a bit flat. They won me over as a (mild) fan. haha


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