Veteran’s Day is always a lot of fun because if I didn’t know any better already, I would think I was a total ass. It’s no secret and I would like to think it’s a well known fact that I do not support the idea of armed forces, nor do I acknowledge the idea of a flag (any, including your beloved United States flag). It seriously breaks my heart when people show such pride in these things.

Sure, folks have hit me with the evidence-laden theory that we, as humans, are naturally a violent species and war, and its need for armed forces, is simply an every day part of life. It’s sad that there’s enough evidence to prove this theory true, but I wouldn’t exactly consider it a scientific law. Another group will tell you that “supporting the troops doesn’t mean you’re supporting war.” Really? War is ultimately a child of pride, something “Christian” America claims to be full of. The armed forces are in place to defend our “pride” if it is being threatened in any way, sometimes to guard what is ours, other times simply to flex muscle. You cannot deny this.

To protest Veteran’s Day, one might hang the flag upside down, or maybe even burn it, but we don’t fly flags in the Simpson household. Period.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Thousands slain yearly
Lost loved ones never return
In the name of pride

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