Walking into Kroger tonight to buy some drinks reminded me that I wanted to blog about this days ago…

Most people at the grocery store walk up to the front door through the paved parking lot. I, on the other hand, chose to walk through the mulch, trees and flowerbeds. Last week, walking in, I looked down at my feet as I walked through the mulch and found a condom wrapper on the ground, ripped open and stomped into the dirt. “Trash” is all I could think before completely forgetting about it and walking into the store to pick up my goods. On the way out of the store, I walked by it again, only this time, I thought, “it would be so gross if…” and before I could complete the thought in my head, I stepped over a stretched out, dried up crusty condom, probably 3 or 4 feet away from the wrapper.

Come on, West Knoxville, I thought you had some class…

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Sprite fixes it all
Sinus trouble, cough, sore throat
Power Elixir!

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