Expert Essay, pt. 1

I’m going to, again, break my daily assignment into two parts for blogging purposes (maybe three, depending on how long tomorrow’s is) – but to get started, the purpose of this exercise is to list 30 labels I can apply to myself, followed by five things I love, and finally five things I hate.  The ultimate goal is to develop a subject for an “expert essay,” that I will write tomorrow.  My list(s) follow:

30 Labels:

1.  I am overweight
2.  I always wear a bracelet, a watch and a necklace
3.  My style usually consists of jeans and a t-shirt
4.  I have tattoos
5.  I have no piercings
6.  I have a black streak in my blonde hair
7.  I truly love my wife
8.  I love Asian women
9.  Ska is my favorite kind of music
10.  I eat my steaks rare
11.  I eat my hamburgers med-rare to medium
12.  I truly love my dog
13.  I am fascinated by the fast food industry
14.  I do not mind a morbid sense of humor
15.  I cannot tolerate rednecks
16.  I am an exclusive Apple product user
17.  I am a guitar player
18.  I am a daily Bible reader
19.  I strongly side with the Galactic Empire
20.  I enjoy working out / lifting weights
21.  I am not afraid of death
22.  I am a fairly healthy eater
23.  I am an action figure collector
24.  I am an artist
25.  I fear bees
26.  My head is too big to wear most hats
27.  I am a desk jockey
28.  I eat more red meat than I should
29.  I have this weird affection for mannequin heads
30.  I am very nitpicky about things I think I’m an expert at

5 Things I Love:

1.  Horror movies
2.  Cheeseburgers
3.  Cooking
4.  Ska
5.  Going on trips

5 Things I Hate:

1.  Bigotry
2.  Impatience
3.  Cockiness
4.  Pride
5.  Art

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