Starting the Year with Some Goodies

We’re off to a good start this year as I spent the biggest part of Saturday and Sunday working on some new paintings for the store! Check ’em:

“Rock’n’Roll Exposed”
Well, not entirely exposed, but either way, the King of Rock is shown here in this pop art-inspired, quasi-retro, semi-homoerotic painting. Presented on a 16×20 canvas, the art was applied using acrylic paint and spray paint and utilizes a custom-designed and hand-cut stencil of the King, himself, and several stencils I keep around for various uses along with some textures created by heavy doses of spray paint, an old computer keyboard and a discarded cable modem. This is a great piece to have hanging around if your goal is for your guests to ask “why?” Your answer will simply be, “Why not?”

$80.00 + Shipping (At my Etsy Store)

“Trojan Skinhead Heyday”
Everything a Trojan Skinhead could ask for: Tunes and style! Custom designed and hand-cut stencils presenting the Trojan Records logo within a Fred Perry wreath logo. The surface is a 12″x12″x~2″ wooden box with a layer of acrylic paint / modeling paste mix. Design was applied with black, red and green spray paint with a yellow spray paint vignette. Hang this above your record player and put on some Desmond.

$40.00 + Shipping (At my Etsy Store)

“You Don’t Even Know What a Revolution Is”
Could this be a statement of how the image of Guy Fawkes, a soldier convicted of treason who never really accomplished much of anything, has been used and abused due to the popularity of graphic novel and movie V for Vendetta to Americans and their American version of anarchy and revolution? Maybe. Here’s to a bullet in the head of true revolution. Painted on an 8″x10″ canvas on a base layer of acrylic paint / modeling paste mix, the stencils were custom designed and hand-cut. Design was applied with a heavy dose of spray paint, a tool of the guerilla revolutionary but only if it’s trendy.

$30.00 + Shipping (At my Etsy Store)

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