No posts in a while because I haven’t made anything outside of work in a while, though that’s changing as we speak. Erin and I finally got iPhones after a couple of years with the worst phones we’ve ever had (HTC Android Eris) and not only are we pleased and impressed, I am very happy to finally be able to read a text message (previously I wasn’t able to because of a purple crack in my screen), for my phone to actually tell me when I have an email and for the phone to not crash and freak out every time I try to start Facebook. It’s glorious.

I’ve also grown rather fond of Instagram, and since I don’t have a way of sharing them with WordPress, I figured I’d share some of my snaps here. Enjoy:

Also, February started the first official Ska History Month and I have been posting photos, stories and music on my Facebook page every day and will continue to until March (and beyond!)

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