This Week’s Finds 10/26

October is our busiest time of the year and just as my coffee has more sugar in it the closer to Friday it gets, so do our days become more and more hectic as the month draws near to an end. Last night was day 1 (technically day 2 but we didn’t go to opening night Thursday) of Knoxville Horror Film Festival 2012, keeping us out until 2am, today is one of the (if not the) last day(s) of the Market Square Farmer’s Market, the first annual Knoxville FanBoy Expo and finally, day 2 (or 3, depending on how you look at it) of the horror film festival tonight. With all of the excitement, I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have enough time to actually blog about food this weekend!

But I’ve found the time and I want to try something that I hope to make a regular weekly occurrence here, devoting a post to sharing some of my favorite food finds from around the web from the previous week.

My first find this week is from a site called LittleBitFunky. The post is dated March, 3 2012 – vintage by internet standards – yet this person’s discovery is nothing short of groundbreaking. There are very few things more heavenly than a good old-fashioned can of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, but what if you put those cinnamon rolls on a waffle iron, creating awesome little (as the late Mitch Hedberg would say) sweet, sugary icing traps? What could be better? The short answer: Nothing.






More photos at LittleBitFunky – try not to drool on your keyboard.

Next up is not for the faint of heart (or artery). The Grilled Cheese Donut takes two of America’s favorite things and makes a food marriage made in heaven. Cincinnati, OH’s Tom+Chee restaurant seems to have done it big with this concoction. Not only do the photos look tasty, but they’ve prided themselves on being sweethearts of my company’s babies, Man Verses Food and Amazing Eats on the Travel Channel. Not a lot of science or food theory going into this – slice a glazed donut open, turn the halves upside-down, top with cheese, grill in butter – voila!

I originally found this tasty morsel on NPR where they claim a failed attempt at recreating anything tasty from the ingredients, stating maybe they screwed up by using American cheese (likely) while maintaining an annoying aura of “I can’t believe I’m eating this – I’m so healthy – I’ll just eat it but make fun of it to be ironic” that I abhor so much. You’re not above it, NPR, no one is.




If you would, please show Tom+Chee some love by liking them on Facebook.

On the other side of the world, Kotaku have reported an incredible way to enjoy my favorite kind of sushi – eel. Japanese sushi joint, Umewaka, is apparently famous for its jumbo-sized sushi, including a $190 sushi roll that contains 20 types of seafood rolled in two-meters of sticky rice and seaweed and, my personal favorite, a $33 nigiri-style eel that doesn’t use wimpy slices of eel; rather, it utilizes entire eel filets. I need this in my life someday.





Find more photos at

I’m never one to be “sucked in” to ads on Facebook, but every once in a while something will catch my eye and I have to click. This was the case when I came across an ad for Netsle that showcased a recipe for Deluxe Halloween Mud Bars. What essentially equates to cookie bars stuffed with chocolate chips and walnuts then topped with fudge and candy corn is the very thing dreams are made of. I’ve not made these yet, but believe me when I say I will one day soon.






Get the recipe here

Finally, those who follow me on Twitter or on Instagram (@justintfirefly) know how much fun I had when the company I work for brought in different food trucks every day until our new Food Network Kitchen was built. A favorite truck of mine (that unfortunately never came back during the final month of trucks) was Crazy Good Burgers. When I like a truck, I become their fan online so I can keep up with their travels and food inventions and Crazy Good Burger’s food porn is the food equivalent to the adult industrie’s filthiest of the filthy. I’m a huge fan of a good hamburger already, but what Crazy Good Burgers does with theirs is downright sinful. When their photos show up in my timeline, I’m forced to yearn for something to fill that burger void that is hard to come by (and Knoxville is home to some really good burgers, let me just say…)





Crazy Good Burgers are a food truck out of Morristown, TN. Show them some love if they come to your town, or at least Like them on Facebook.

That’ll be enough naughty food for today. It’s time to get my geek on.

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