Krispy Kreme Rocked Our World Tonight

Well, here’s something cool…

Tonight was sushi night for the Simpsons. A little driving, thrift store, arts & crafts store and then…A trip to the new Krispy Kreme in Farragut, why not?

Hanging out in the drive-thru behind an old man and his wife in an old, red hot rod with a “Classic Car” license plate. We made jokes about the poor fella, being all animated with his hands (made vulgar by our own imagination because we’re immature like that) while ordering. He sort of took forever.

And that was only the beginning. He continued to take forever at the window. When he finally got his order, he stuck around in the same spot for another few seconds. What did we care, though? It was a nice night, good tunes on the stereo, sunroof back, ready to pay $8.88 for a half dozen donuts – half original glazed, half glazed sour cream.

When the slow poke old man made decided to move it, we rolled up to the window to a nice young guy that smiled and said “That’s $9.17 (or something)”. Without realizing the total was incorrect, I had already given him my card. He ran it and gave me the receipt and I noticed the it was wrong – custard filled and chocolate glazed – what?

Before I could say something they realized what had happened and after a little back and forth came to the realization that the total I was being asked to pay was the original total of the old man in the hip car. He had apparently decided to change his order at the last minute and had paid with a $100.

We didn’t care – it was only about a quarter more, afterall. To make up for the mix-up, they handed us our half dozen and my coffee…and another full dozen of regular glazed. Talk about a big score after a relatively shit day!

Oh yeah, by the way…They were also HOT!!!

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