Painting: LINCOLN

As posted over at AlwaysComingSoon

When we moved into our house we had big plans for finishing up every room one at a time. Bold colors, customized art, decor decisions we couldn’t have made when we lived at home, etc. As life sort of happens over the course of the last few years we’ve not really made it where we thought we would be. Most rooms have bare walls still, making it look like we just moved in.

Our most recent project was our spare bedroom, the most neglected room in the house. Furniture was old, bed was small, walls were boring. When we took on the project we decided on an Abraham Lincoln theme, queen size bed for our guests, whole new bedroom suit. The room is now finished save for the art. And now we’re working on that.

Done in the same way as the Miles Davis Painting I did a few months ago: Designed in Photoshop at the intended final size, printed onto 8-1/2″x11″ printer paper, spliced together and transferred to large cardboard, cut out with an X-acto knife and applied to canvas with my trusty Montana Black spraypaint.

NOT for sale

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