#CartoonButt 005: “Celebrity Crush”

“The Mexican hipster hostess or Ellen Page?”

“Ellen Page.”

“Ellen Page or Helena Bonham Carter?”

“Ellen Page.”

“Ellen Page or Sheri Moon Zombie?”

“Ellen Page.”

“Ellen Page or David Beckham?”

“…David Beckham.”

While waiting on our dinner when we go out it’s not uncommon for someone to overhear the above conversation between Erin and I. It will usually start out with one of us finding someone we think is cute in the restaurant and saying so, followed by the other person delivering a series of “this or that” questions to determine the winner in the contest of ultimate hotness. The only (unspoken) rule: I am not an option for her – she is not an option for me.

Most recently it started with me wanting to make friends with the Mexican hipster hostess and ended with me going on a date with our server that looked a lot like a less-dapper Pitbull.

As for me, Gwen Stefani is the woman that trumps all, thus is rarely used in the game since the answer is obvious and will not change. For Erin, the trump-all is Johnny Depp. I figured I would illustrate both of these points in this week’s doodle.

Enjoy this week’s #Cartoonbutt


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