#CartoonButt 004: “Wom Nukem”

A few months ago a friend hooked us up with free tickets to see Hard Knox Roller Girls at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum. Ignorant to pretty much everything roller derby related aside from the movie “Whip It” we were pretty excited to go. I had high hopes of this becoming something regular for us to get into on the weekend, much like the Ice Bears were last year (and this coming season) and I gotta say, I’m disappointed we didn’t get in to this until so late in the Derby season because we had a lot of fun.

Rules were fairly simple and explained multiple times, so there was rarely ever any question as to what was going on, when it was appropriate to cheer, etc. The two matches were pretty intense and fast-paced, starring such beauties as “Battle Ready Betty”, “Dirty Kopp”, “Miss Murder”, “Scary Poppins” and “Unsweet T” for the Hard Knox Brawlers & All Stars teams. We left with one win and one loss under our belts, a belly full of nachos and soda and the excitement of the next home match.

So, inspired by our night at Roller Derby and the pin-up style art that often accompanies it, Erin and I considered her Derby name to be “Wom Nukem” (as in “Woman” – it’s a long story) so I made this happen the following morning.

Enjoy this week’s #CartoonButt




    • It really was a lot of fun. Quick to learn & entertaining, so while it was our first time we felt like regular roller derby pros by the end of the night. Their season only goes up until the first of October so if you want to go you’d better get on it! Another home match this coming Saturday!


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