Introducing FNKitchen Chef’s Burger Special, Week 1

Almost a week late I finally decide to make this a weekly part of my blog.

Last week they announced at work that our Food Network Kitchen would feature a Chef’s Burger Special that would feature a new kind of gourmet burger every Wednesday. They started us off big with the Queso Burger.

Queso. Burger.

The burgers at work are awesome anyway – grilled to order, perfectly seasoned and so juicy there’s literally a flavor explosion when you bite into them. With a seemingly unlimited selection of ingredients to make your burger with and staff that are always willing to try something new, it’s hard to beat a good old fashioned hamburger from the kitchen unless…

…Unless you pile the burger on top of lettuce, tomato & pickle then drown the whole thing with warm queso, jalapeno peppers and crispy fried tortilla strips. Now that’s just downright heavenly.

You may want to grab a plate.

And a fork.

And a mop.

So tomorrow is week 2 of the Chef’s Burger Special and I intend to feature that one either tomorrow night or Thursday. Sounds like there’s a nice surprise lined up for us then. And next week. And probably the week after that…

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