FNKitchen Chef’s Burger Special, Week 2

While certainly not as unique as last week’s Burger Special, our Food Network Cafe at work still delivered a tasty feature this week in the classic Bacon & Egg Burger.

As always, this baby was grilled to order and piled high with lettuce, tomato & pickle, several slices of crispy bacon and an egg fried over easy on the flat top.

Oh, and cheese. Patriotic, greedy, idolatrous, megalomaniacal tears of a bald eagle American cheese because it was 9/11 after all…

It was an introduction to eggs on a burger for two of my friends and they left with a lasting impression that could potentially make it so that an eggless burger just won’t do it for them anymore.

When we cut into them and took our first bites, the taste of slightly-charred, freshly grilled hamburger with bubbly cheese and bacon alongside the warm, runny yolk running like a stream straight from Potential Baby Chicken Heaven, what we ended up with that Wednesday afternoon was not only tasty but borderline pornographic.

Now eat up and look forward to next Wednesday’s Burger Special!


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