Nutella in My (Gluten-Free) Brownies, Man

I’ve made brownies before. I’ve made scratch-made brownies that were pretty good – whatever. I’ve made “Diet Coke” brownies that were pretty good – whatever. I’ve made box-mix brownies that were pretty good – whatever.

And then I found this recipe from BunsInMyOven for Nutella Brownies and the world stopped.

I showed my favorite ladies this recipe on Burger Day and the reaction was equal parts drool and sexy so I decided to give them a shot on Sunday night. And this is kinda what happened:

Brownie Ingredients

Rounding up the ingredients, I gathered*:

1) Butter

2) Sugar

3) Nutella

4) Eggs

5) Cocoa Powder

6) Salt

7) Baking Powder

8) Vanilla Extract

9) All-Purpose Flour**

10) Chocolate Chips

The beginning of this process is pretty slow because you’re supposed to melt the sticks of butter in a small sauce pan over low heat – then add the sugar – then add the Nutella. This seems to take forever, but it will finish eventually, I promise. After mixing together the eggs, cocoa powder, salt, baking powder and vanilla extract, I poured in the butter mixture and mixed until well combined. At this point you add the flour and chocolates. I actually didn’t have the amount of chocolates the recipe asked for but it was alright as these babies came out just as chocolatey and rich as I would’ve wanted them anyway – much more and my teeth would hurt just looking at them!

I poured this into a pan greased with cooking spray and baked for the given amount of time + a few minutes because my toothpick came out mushy. I also had to let them cool for quite some time because scooping them out was nearly impossible without them breaking.

I took most of these to work and they went over better than anything I’ve brought to work in the past. The fact that these were gluten free made a lot of people that don’t normally eat the sweetness I bring in smile and give me many thumbs up so I was a happy camper! Probably not the most healthy thing I’ve ever baked but definitely something I will bake again in the future (and you probably should, too!).

*Please see above link for recipe for exact measurements

**I used a Gluten-Free flour from the Organic section at Kroger because my good friend Katherine couldn’t have these lovelies otherwise. I noticed no difference.

This is post 18 of my very first time participating in NaBloPoMo, a “Blog a Day” project for the month of November.

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