Birchbox Man Favorites + Let’s Do This Thing Unboxing

When I ran the New Year’s Day 5k I was sort-of ridiculed about how matchy I was. Gray shoes with highlighter yellow laces and highlights, black tights and shorts, black tee with highlighter yellow design and a highlighter yellow long-sleeved technical shirt under it. My sunglasses were black with yellow/green sides and I even had clips on my earbuds that converted them to over-the-ear fit that were also that awful yellow color. When asked why I didn’t have a toboggan on my response was my running toboggan didn’t match so I didn’t wear it. The rule is, always has been and always will be: Looking good is more important than feeling good.

Now I’ve got the clothes under control and Birchbox Man is there to take care of my face, skin and hair. Thank GOD. Last month’s Birchbox Man was a pretty good one, though inferior to the month before. Either way, my favorite items from last month were:

  • Fantastic Face Wash by Ursa Major.

    I’ve fallen in love with Ursa Major. When I got the face balm in my first box I could tell they were all about quality and last month’s face wash met that standard, too. I depend on a good face wash throughout the week to keep me scrubbed up but not dry afterward and this face wash by Ursa Major did just that and smelled lovely, too.

    Buy It Here

  • 3oz Flask by Izola

    I’m not going to say that this flask was a life saver or anything but it came in handy while visiting family over the Christmas break. I’ve never owned a flask before so this was sort-of exciting from the get-go. I topped it off with some Jim Beam and found that it fit perfectly in the skinny pocket of my camera bag. It also helped keep me in a good mood despite the typical stresses the holidays bring. Maybe that was the JB but we’re just going to say it was the flask so thanks Birchbox Man and thanks Izola!

    Buy It Here

Unfortunately these Birchbox Man boxes can’t last forever but thankfully they send me one every month :-)

This month’s theme is Let’s Do This Thing and is looking to assist us in making our new year happier and healthier. And here’s how they intend to do it:

From left to right

Fuzzy Logic Hair Strengthening Shampoo by Billy Jealousy

Classic Eau de Toilette for Men by CLEAN

First Thing First Scrub by Do The Right Thing (DTRT)

Charcoal Bar Soap by Mt. Sapola

Altos Headphones with Mic by Icon Q

Another favorite from a couple of months ago was the beard wash provided by Billy Jealousy so I’m anxious to try this shampoo by them. I’m also interested to see what these headphones are all about since I’ve been wanting to try some new ones and these were offered as a special addition to my box that I gladly accepted. I’m not familiar with the brand but I’m hoping it’s only because they’re just getting started or something. More to come on that (I hope) as I learn.

Stay clean and remember: looking good is more important than feeling good :-)

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