Lakeshire Freakshow 2016

Well, this took long enough.

I’ve debated posting this. Not because I don’t want to, but because I didn’t think it would be ready or even fit to post. It’s Halloween, yeah, and Halloween is always okay, but there’s a lot more that I wanted to add. I figure, in the interest of timeliness, I’ll go ahead and share what I have and then do more posts as I get my shit together in the next few weeks.

Just like last year I started off with a bit of a sour attitude about my favorite holiday of the year. I was hyped about our new theme, our new decorations and the possibilities for the future, but every year the “trunk-or-treat” thing brings me down a little further. I get more and more angry at the churches that offer these events and the posters, cards and other spam that starts piling up in my break room at work trying to talk parents into bringing their kids to some freak’s church parking lot instead of taking them door-to-door like normal people do. This year was some propaganda about Daniel in the Lion’s Den in the break room. I’ve never wanted to trash religious junk so bad, but I resisted the temptation.

But theistically-inspired fear and intimidation aside, Halloween was a success. We’ve completely changed our theme to be the Lakeshire Freakshow and we had a whole slew of new additions and characters for our show including, but not limited to:

  • Freddie, the Sword Swallower was our first performer and was one of our pose-and-stay skellies that donned some flashy red pants, a fake mustache and little kids’ tattoo sleeves with a sword going down the hatch, resting just below the bottom of his rib cage.
  • Bellatrix, the Snake Lady was near him, sporting some fanciness we’d picked up for about a dollar in the clearance section at JC Penny recently as well as a nice mask and two prop snakes.
  • The Yeti was “caged” up behind the window in our garage and was just the head and hands of my new Yeti costume I won at work. He’ll likely get a whole post in the future, once I’m able to do a proper photo shoot with him.
  • We put together a line of illuminated marquee letters spelling out FREAKSHOW across the porch and while you couldn’t read it from the street, it looks way rad up close and I’m very glad we invested in those nine letters and two arrows.
  • Erin’s Feejee Mermaid made her first public appearance but to the best of my knowledge, she doesn’t have a name yet. I plan to take proper studio-style photos of her in the coming weeks.
  • Another homemade prop for this year that will be getting a proper post soon was Amy and Valerie, the Siamese Twins that I spent a few days (weeks) working on in my garage and is probably one of my favorite things we have now.
  • Franky, on the Trapeze, is hanging out on our porch light. He’s a swinging torso that we didn’t activate, but he was made to rock the trapeze, and rock it he did.
  • Madame Ramona, the Fortune Teller spelled out the doom of our guests with a makeshift crystal ball we were able to somehow get together while rocking a sweet turban we got with a damaged costume from Party City a few years ago.

I was, of course, JTF, the Ringmaster and will continue to be the Ringmaster for the years to come.

We got many lovely comments from the kids and their parents over the course of the night. The Ringmaster shoveled out candy to about 40 trick-or-treaters that night while encouraging the visitors to get a closer look at the show and to come back next year for one that’s bigger and better.

Again, look for posts in the next few weeks that prominently feature the Feejee Mermaid, the Siamese Twins and the Yeti. Until then, enjoy these photos from our Halloween set up as well as a couple of shots from a party we went to that weekend, look for more on Flickr and follow me on Instagram.

Stay spooky, little freaks.

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