[photo post] Waiting for Pickles Downtown

Recently I hooked up with my bro Kaitlyn for dinner and pop in downtown. She was running late and apologized over and over but I told her I didn’t care. Yes, it was a little cold out, but I live on the boring side of town out west. Downtown Knoxville is beautiful, walkable and there’s always things to take photos of. So that’s what I did.

Clancy’s is on Gay St., the cross is at St. John’s Cathedral at the corner of Walnut St. and Cumberland Ave., Feeling Blue was found behind a parking garage on Market St. and the Full sign belongs to the Locust St. garage. All were shot with my 50mm lens but that should surprise no one at this point.

These were uploaded in high resolution on my Flickr account. Also, follow me on Instagram.

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