[photo post] Lost Sew’l Organics, March 2017

Recently I’ve found a fun new hobby. My girl Amber from Lost Sew’l Organics said it was about time for another shoot so I was tasked with finding a new cool place. I set out to scout a location and ended up hiking a trail near my house three Sunday mornings in a row. It’s usually early — around sunrise — and it’s a little cool out. It’s fantastic. Since I’ve given up on defined gods with books written about them, I’ve found the peacefulness of the woods in the early morning hours satisfies the soul in a much more fulfilling way than I ever imagined. Our shoot is over now, but I think I’m going to continue hitting that trail until I’ve seen all of it. Then I’ll do it again.

I didn’t realize that particular trail had so much going on. Pretty freaky considering it’s in Farragut where there doesn’t seem to be anything unique. Farragut is fairly quiet and it’s safe but it’s boring. Chain stores and restaurants line the main streets with doctor’s offices and cookie-cutter houses scattered throughout. This trail is special, though.

I was super excited to take Amber and her model Sam there. On the day of the shoot, the weather had suddenly dropped down to an uncomfortable cold. We were fortunate that we had sunlight out that morning and even more fortunate that it didn’t snow despite the forecast for three or more inches the night before. Regardless of the conditions, it was cold as shit outside. Initially I asked Amber if she and the girls would mind taking some artsy-fartsy photos just for my portfolio and she said it was cool but with the cold out, I decided to wait until later in spring when it was tolerable to be outdoors. We were short on models, had cut the artsy stuff out of the plan and had relatively few things to get photos of anyway so this was a quick and easy shoot.

Get in, take the shots, get out and turn the heat on. Done.

Props to Amber and Sam for making it look easy and big time props to Amber for keeping me in mind when she needs more photos. Best gig ever.

I shot only 161 photos and delivered 68 of them. I have 22 on my Flickr account if you want to see them in high res. If low-res does anything for you, check out the nine below or simply follow me on Instagram for five of my favorites.

I’ll call it another success. While this was the shortest shoot to date, I was still able to come away with some nice shots and I think Amber was pretty happy with what was delivered. Here are the things I learned on this shoot:

  • I finally got to use my 85mm lens in a proper environment. The focal length on that guy makes it difficult to shoot in small spaces so being outside was ideal. I was able to grab some great portraits of the girls with it, which was the main reason I bought it in the first place. I’m very happy with how they came out and look forward to using it more in the future.
  • I also used another new toy in the GoPro adapter for my hot shoe. I threw my GoPro up on it so I could video everything I was shooting and got some fun footage. I’m not going to be doing anything with it for a while, though — going to wait until I get more footage to put together a montage of sorts of the girls during my shoots. It’s a pretty rad little accessory for my shoots.
  • It’s not only smart, it’s imperative to have a backup plan for locations you’re shooting at if possible. I say this because this time I certainly didn’t have one. I was watching the weather every other hour to see what the updates were, hoping beyond all hope that it would cooperate with us because if the trail was muddy and gross or if it was raining or snowing, we were screwed. I had no backup plan and no idea what I was going to do if our location wasn’t useable. In the future, this will not be a problem.

For real, I hope to do some playtime shots with my new gear with some studio-style macro very soon. Evenings have been incredibly busy as of late. Expect a post about that soon. Also, maybe expect a video about it. That is, unless I get silly and give up on the video idea again. Y’all gotta keep me accountable, man.

Amber’s new line was released today so maybe consider swinging by and letting her know what you think — maybe even spend a little of your hard-earned dough. She’d think that was cool. So would I.

Get social with Lost Sew’l Organics, y’all!

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