[photo post] Mad Monster Party 2017 — Rock Hill, SC

I just read over last year’s post and saw that despite taking two Power Hours, lifting weights and running earlier in the day, I still drove the four hours to Charlotte so we could attend Mad Monster Party. This year I totally wimped out and decided that evening trips over the mountain are for warriors much more badass than I, so we opted to get up before sunrise and make the trip on Saturday morning. Coincidentally, we ate at a Burger King on our trip like we did last year, otherwise it was smooth sailing and around noon we landed at the Comfort Suites in Rock Hill, South Carolina — one of the partner hotels for Mad Monster Party 2017.

The show was being held at the Hood Center, a conference center on the grounds of York Technical College. Our stay at the Comfort Suites included a free shuttle to the venue so after waiting a few minutes we were on our way.

Guests at this year’s event included Pantera’s white supremacist asshole Phil Anselmo, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Tsutomu Kitagawa, Butch Patrick and Mark Torgle in addition to con regulars Sig Haig, Kane Hodder, Bill Johnson, Bill Moseley and Mark Patton. Special features of the event included a costume contest, “Scaraoke,” a Miss Mad Monster pageant and a separate building that housed the Roadkill Gore-age featuring the iconic big screen vehicles from Christine, Back to the Future and the Munsters.

The main reason I was hyped about hitting Mad Monster this year was their newest feature: the Mad Monster Creepy Carnival. Rides included the Creepy Carousel, the Barrels of Puke, Satan’s Slide, the Fly and the Fear-ris wheel. There were food trucks serving up carnival fare such as turkey legs and funnel cakes nestled between old-school carnival games complete with evil carnival barkers.

We hit the show about as hard as we normally do, coming away with a few new t-shirts, pins, stickers, original art and jewelry. We hung out for the panel with the always-entertaining scream queen Mark Patton, put in a few bids (but ultimately losing every one of them) in an auction for Scares That Care and snapped a few shitty photos at a rushed and seemingly unfair costume contest.

I think the highlight for me was eating chicken tenders on a picnic table outside and seeing “The Punisher” ask his mother to hold his beer.

All in all, I’d call it another successful Mad Monster Party and I’m very excited to go back next year.

Below I’ve included a few photos but, as always, there are more in high-res on my Flickr account.

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