A Dying Ode and a New Camera

We fought with swords. Battles fifty and one have been fought under my banners. From my early youth I learnt to dye my sword in crimson. I never yet could find a king more valiant than myself. The gods now invite me to them. Death is not to be lamented.

Thomas Percy, The Dying Ode to Regner Lodbrog

A couple of weeks ago my Canon Rebel SL1 died. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I’ll get it fixed eventually because I loved that camera and I learned so much with it. In the meantime, I upgraded to a Canon 77D. This morning, armed with my 24mm lens, I took my first presentable photo with it. An appropriate image for Friday the 13th, I feel.

The Valkyries have taken both my SL1 and this bird. May their death not be lamented.

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