And happy day 7 of the haiku a day for one year project!  So far I have a couple of readers, no subscribers (except one via RSS) and a half page in a composition book filled with new  haikus!  As per the rewards clause in my new year’s resolution agreement, after loosing 20 pounds, I am allowed to order some home recording equipment…I’m already at 10 pounds and have picked out an guitar chord, extra XLR cable, USB audio interface, pop filter and a set of condenser mics on my wishlist at American Musical Supply…I can’t wait to get this stuff on the road, as I’ve recently started a folk music project titled “Ashe5String” that only has 2 demo-esque songs, none of which are available yet.  I’ll include one of the graphics I’ve created for it, probably going to be the cover of the first “album.”  There will also be some photographs, graphics and even a music video in the future, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Ashe5String Demo Cover
This will probably be the cover for my demo

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Bob Dylan’s singing
Makes me feel like I can sing
I sing badly though

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