It’s the last one…The final 101 East Vanderbilt.  Just so you know, “Old Bill” is an old man with a long, gray beard who regularly walks down the sidewalk by our apartment.  Walking rather briskly for an old man, “Old Bill” flies around the sidewalks with his walking stick, bundled up in a jogging suit.  Why “Old Bill?”  Well, he’s usually just walking…Walking…Walking down the street.  Please, do yourselves a favor and see if you can’t find the song “Old Bill” by Cornbugs…Search for it, you’ll find it (somewhere other than playlist.com and YouTube, tho), you’ll have a great time.  Especially if you love Bill Moseley and Buckethead as much as I do.  So, folks, for post and haiku number 100…I give you the final edition of 101 East Vanderbilt…

101 East Vanderbilt Volume 11:  “Old Bill”

Click to enlarge

Days till closing:  1…we will own our first house TOMORROW!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Number One Hundred
Haikus, comics and graphics
Here comes two hundred!

One comment

  1. And just like that, he was gone. No goodbyes no hellos just gone.:.(
    Its kind of sad it is, o know you’ll nver gget to see old Bill just walking.


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