So tomorrow we will have owned this house for 1 full week and will have been living in it for 5 days.  All our utilities are hooked up and working properly, cable has been hooked up for a couple days now and as of about 5:30 this evening we got our internet hooked up, which is a relief since I can now do all that important stuff that I need to do while at home…ya know, like check Facebook.

I’ll stop right now and say that It’s a shame that “Facebook” isn’t a recognized word according to spell check.  I did just realize though that “the Beatles” has finally been added to the standard library of words and is no longer accented by a cute red dotted line.  That only took what, 50 years?

Anyway, now that this crap is all under control, the next step is to get the bedroom ready for painting (I will be documenting this event), get the yard mowed (if it ever quits raining), get the apartment scrubbed, vacuumed and with an empty refrigerator / freezer, and go hardcore grocery shopping.  Not that our breakfast of leftover pizza, cookies and diet coke is getting old by any means.

As if I weren’t busy enough, I do fully plan on starting a new creative project in addition to the haikus (plural form of “haiku” also not recognized by spell check).  More on that as it develops and as time allows.  I’m just glad I can blog from home again.

Here’s a photo of Erin with Terrance Zdunich, co-writer / actor / co-composer of one of our favorite movies, “Repo! the Genetic Opera,” at the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival in Nashville this passed Saturday.

Click to enlarge

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Internetz working
Now Apple Mail has something
To alert me of

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