Lawn mower, weed eater, gas can, two bottles of two cycle engine oil, a garden sprayer, a bottle of roof moss killer, a 100ft. water hose, a water hose caddy, a trowel, a set of landscaping clippers, silicon based lubricant in addition to WD-40, two pairs of gloves, a new clothes basket, duct tape and electrical tape…all leading to a clean roof, debris-free gutters, a squeak-free whirlybird, a mowed, trimmed and weeded yard, a hooked up washer and dryer and clean clothes…Is this what people are referring to when they say to me “welcome to home ownership?”

I think I’m going to plan on spending our Sunday afternoon in the theaters seeing Nightmare on Elm Street.  Erin doesn’t know this yet.  Flogging Molly is Friday night.  Erin is aware of this.  I do not know where our tickets are.

Free Comic Book day is Saturday…I suggest everyone take part in the festivities!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

The best Christian songs
Sound stereotypically
Like “devil” music

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