2 long and hard weeks of work call for 1 easy-going Friday.

So today will be day 2 of the Push Up Challenge, the final day of my 4 week weights routine and the next to last day of my 4 week light aerobic cardio routine. Tomorrow ends that cardio routine and the second week of abs routines. So now what happens?

I’ve got lined up a killer 4 day a week for 4 weeks weights routine that I’m going to start that will accompany a 4 week medium aerobic cardio routine, 4 more weeks of abs and take me through workout 9 of 12 in the Push Up Challenge. If I’m not careful, I will be in shape by the end of the year!

And that is just unacceptable.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Sometimes when I’m bored
I post mean stuff on Facebook
-must ruffle feathers!

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