Not so much sick anymore, but this cough is trying to kill me.  So far, it’s winning in the battle for my life.  Here’s to hoping I can make it to the one year mark in this blog before it takes me under.

At the risk of sounding like a poorly motivated writer or creative mind, I’m going to deep fry this blog in lazy with promises of a blog with decent content tomorrow.  Yesterday’s trip to and from Nashville finally caught up with me, even though I feel like I slept well last night.  I’m about to die right now.  Looks like it’s pajamas and King of the Hill via Netflix “instant” for about an episode or 2 and then zzzZZZzzz.

Listen to / watch this:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Screwdriver, lip ring
Pen, remote control:  make up
Skull USB hub…

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