Thanks to your humble narrator being a well organized and slightly motivated individual, he will have gone to the store, cooked dinner, did the dishes, read his bible and wrote his daily blog all well before time to sit down and watch Jeopardy! I’m not a TV guy, but I do love me some Jeopardy, and while we used to make it a point to be eating dinner around Wheel of Fortune! and Jeopardy! time, we’ve only caught Jeopardy! on TV one time since probably September. Darn right, it’s a big deal!

I’ll share a bit of good news in the blog today that I shared on Facebook this morning while I was waiting on this ice storm to go the way of the ice cube I drop every time I get ice out of the refrigerator and just leave it to melt and dry. 2 years ago my folks bought me a sport coat that I occasionally wear to work when a hoodie or cardigan-style jacket won’t cut it. I wore it a lot last year and it’s been in my closet in the “off-season” anxiously awaiting the day I break it out. Today was only slightly cool, but was icy and wet outside, freezing rain turning into regular rain around 9:00 this morning, so I figured it was a great time to bust it out. I fit it over my stupid shoulders, feeling it conform to the same body it wrapped around last year plus 10 pounds. Something was weird…After a quick search of the pockets, I found my old KISS “Greatest Hits” CD that I was sure had fallen out of my car since early this year :-) Score!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I will take haikus
for 500, please, Alex
“rock pile” – “what?” – “you’re wrong”

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