Healthy-ish Mex – Ground Turkey Tostadas!

I finally got back in the kitchen on Thursday. Still running through some of the recipes that I bookmarked out of Food Network Magazine for that now-old “contest” a few weeks ago, I busted out some ground turkey, a green bell pepper, an onion, a can of pinto beans, a can of crushed tomatoes with chiles and put together these tostadas found in the June issue.

Obviously, I changed it up a little bit – instead of ground beef, ground turkey; instead of zucchini, a green bell pepper. This mixture was served atop some corn tostadas and topped with some a small bit of shredded Mexican blend cheese and lime slaw and garnished with quartered lime wedges. Finally, and not part of the recipe, I added some sliced avocado to the top because…Why the heck not? This was a pretty incredible recipe that made enough for dinner for the two of us, plus lunch for both of us on Friday.

Give it a shot – it came out great!

Also, be sure to check out Food Network Online – they pay my bills!

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