#CartoonButt 009: “Fire Breathing Temptress”

Without going into a lot of detail about the project, I’ve been busy planning a large circus-related painting for a friend that I hope to create a new video for (check out Always Coming Soon’s YouTube Page). Circus art has been something I’ve always been interested in and intrigued by. There’s something interesting yet disturbing about looking at old photos of circus side shows, their subjects and, my favorite, the advertisements for these shows.

“Alligator Boy”, “The Bearded Lady”, “The Tattooed Lady” and “The Elephant Man” are all famous because of these circus side shows and the wonderful art they left behind. They are a distant reminder of how we as a society were never really “more civilized” than we are today making light and money off of the deformity of others while simultaneously giving us some of the most phenomenal artwork in showbiz history.

This week’s cartoon is heavily based on circus side shows and features my lovely wife, the dangerously beautiful “Wom Nukem” as the “Fire Breathing Temptress”. The 5¢ entry fee sounds like a steal, and is, if you make it out alive!

Please enjoy this week’s #CartoonButt


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