#CartoonButt 010: “Thunderkiss”

I’ve been a fan of Rob Zombie for years. Ever since I heard the head banging rhythm of “Thunderkiss ’65” and onto later jams like “More Human Than Human”, “I, Zombie”, and one of my all time favorites: “Feed the Gods” I’ve been a sucker for Zombie’s perfect mix of heavy metal and sex-fueled electronica that Rob took with him on his solo ventures.

It was a pretty big deal for me when I got to interview Rob for the Metro Pulse back in May of 2010. Getting to speak to a man that I have admired from an artist’s point of view since I was a little boy was a surreal experience. I was told to act as if Rob and I had been friends for years and to try to not come across too fanboy-ish. I got through the interview but it was a giant stumble as I tried to not squeal like a 14 year old girl the entire time.

Now that the Halloween season is upon us, the sounds of Zombie fill the air even more than usual as we prepare ourselves and our homes for the special event. The Halloween shops have started opening up and Erin and I couldn’t be more excited. After going into Halloween City the day they opened we came across a Rob Zombie mask – one that’s a little different from ones we’ve seen in the past: this one is a little more “Hellbilly Deluxe 2” and less “Hellbilly Deluxe” and I was confident I was going to own it soon.

Soon came and went – I now own said mask. And now that mask has made it to #cartoonButt.

I certainly hope you enjoy it:



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