You’ve Heard Me Talk About It…(AKA: Watch These Videos)

If you’re friends with me, follow me on social, or have read this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know I have no problems talking about my involvement at Title Boxing Club Knoxville. I’ve mentioned it in almost every post I’ve made in the last year. I check in four times (or more) a week on Facebook and have geotagged several images from there on Instagram. Title is Life, you could say, and I’m obsessed.

So, obviously, if you really care about a place like that you want it to succeed. And while I give it all I’ve got when I teach boxing and kickboxing classes every week, I’m really only benefitting the members and the first-shot people, not really doing anything to draw new clients to us, not doing anything to get new fists in gloves. So with that in mind, I was convinced to start doing some video work for the gym.

I’m certainly not a creative mastermind when it comes to video production but I do know how to do it, and thankfully my friend DeMarcus is eager to learn the how-to and brings lots of creative ideas to the table. Our hope is to beef up our social presence as heftily as possible through creative videos and quality photography work.

The Hit It Hard video game video was a product that came about unintentionally after viewing some footage we shot on the roof of our shopping center during sunrise. The footage I intended to capture (and succeeded) hasn’t even been properly used yet, but I was able to take those shots and piece them together in a way that gave us something kind of silly, which I think our boss is looking for: humor. I can’t purposely do funny so accidents like this are always welcome.

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, I’m sure you saw me spamming you about our All Star Class we organized for last Thursday, August 11. We gathered all of our currently active trainers and put together a Power Hour that was truly unique and a total ass-kicker. Each trainer got their own round, so our members had to work through a fresh trainer every round. The house was totally full with every bag being taken, and at least two bags had two people on them working at the same time. D and I ran around with our cameras and with the addition of two other cameras were able to put together a pretty sweet video that showcases what we’re all about at Title Boxing Club Knoxville: intensity, motivation, and getting an awesome, totally unique workout.

Dig it:

I don’t even care if you don’t live in Knoxville – if you have a Title Boxing Club nearby, give it a go. Your first time is always free, and I can promise you, you’re not going to get a workout like it anywhere else!

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