Finding Comfort from Scary Things in Scary Things

“I’m not going to pay super close attention to the election results tonight because it won’t be conclusive and there’s nothing I can do about it at this point anyway.”

This is what I said last night shortly after Tennessee announced that they — unsurprisingly — went to Tr*mp. My intention was to ignore social media, read, study, sleep … You know, dark-ages stuff.

That was my intention. It did not work out that way. Instead, I stayed glued to the “live” results. When I finally went to bed around 11:00, exactly what I said was true — inconclusive and all out of my hands anyway. I woke up stressed about it even though I said I wouldn’t be; I’ve been on edge all day.

And that’s silly. I’ve voted, Tennessee has been decided, and some swing states have already said they won’t officially announce anything until Thursday at the earliest anyway … There’s literally nothing I can do now to change or even minutely affect the outcome of this election, regardless of what it may be or how badly I wish I could.

So instead of continuing to wear myself out worrying about something I have no control over, I’m going back to celebrating what I do have control over: My bomb-ass 2020!

Just a quick shoutout to my girl Katie. She’s reignited a fire in me that I thought had been lost. I’ve rediscovered my passion for a lot of things I’ve always loved but let fall by the wayside in the last few years — namely writing, creating art, being a hopeless romantic and … Halloween!

I upgraded my old Ringmaster costume this year with chains and pins, a new walking stick, a knife-necklace and a fresh application of eyeliner and eyeshadow. She was the notorious “Bad Guy” Billie Eilish complete with chains, rings and blue hair. Together, she helped me take back a holiday that I thought I had lost forever. We looked dynamite and we had an amazing evening celebrating a truly blessed Samhain.

Add to that an entire weekend of amazing company, two beautiful dogs with rock-star names and a whirlwind romance that neither one of us were really truly ready for, maybe even if we thought we were.

Here’s to the best Halloween ever and many more to come.

Ever onward, y’all. See you tomorrow.

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