Some script from Running a Cemetery Without a License:

Lying in my bed and I’m trying to go to sleep but I cannot go to sleep cos I’m afraid of what I’ll see will I see you on the floor with a pick inside your head Will I break down and cry or even care if you are dead? Will I crawl inside my mind and see that you’re not there or will I break open my heart and bleed out everywhere?

I feel right back to sleep and I saw you in a place Where I didn’t even know you but I recognized your face and I thought about the times I crawled in bed with you When I was scared out of my wits and there was no more I could do You said you’d walk through hell for me and of this I have no doubt but now that you are gone I’ll have to find my own way out

I woke up Sunday morning and I felt you next to me and I felt deep within my soul there’s no place I’d rather be I ran my fingers through your hair and kissed you on the cheek and I knew that you would still be there in times when I am weak and I’ll be here forevermore unlike these men before and I’ll hold you close until the day I stand at heaven’s door

Enjoy today’s haiku:

An aneurysm
Attached to your aorta
Can’t say I’m concerned

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