Photo Post: Recent Acquisitions

Right away the title is sort-of misleading.

Maybe a better title would be Acquisitions Up Until Now. In my efforts to further freak-out our living room, I’m always on the lookout for oddities; strange art, taxidermy, bones, etc. are all welcome pieces as we slowly replace our fakes with legit relics of the macabre and flat-out weird.

I guess it was fall of last year when my step dad hooked me up with the coyote skull, our first real animal bone(s). In December I tried winning a taxidermied skunk from an office holiday party raffle. While I didn’t win, a good friend did, and she gifted me the skunk, who I later named Slater (props and points if you get the Saved by the Bell reference).

Most recently, during our trip to Nashville, we stopped by one of my favorite shops, Hail, Dark Aesthetics. Here, we picked up the jackrabbit skull, the taxidermied baby duckling, and, yes, a raccoon penis bone. Deal with it.

Last night I was snapping photos of an iPhone I’m selling for a friend and decided since I had the lights out I’d snap some shots of the new stuff. I didn’t get anything good of the skunk, so be ready for more of him, but I’ve included a sweet snap of my boy Beest investigating his faux-furry friend.


    • Eh, well, I guess the eyes COULD be a little better, but it was an inexpensive impulse buy. I kind of like how they are, though – sort of gives him a more rotten, more dead, appearance! He’s cute, but a little gloomy! Kind of the goal for my living room – he’s a great fit!


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